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Be happy from within

Be happy from within

“If your very way of being is deeply enslaved to external situations, if somebody or something is deciding what should happen within you, it is the worst form of slavery.”


It does not matter what is the nature of your activity, essentially you are in pursuit of happiness. But this happiness has been so elusive.

“If my boss is yelling at me, how do I be blissful? If my wife is not co-operating with me, how do I be blissful? If my bank balance has become zero, how do I become blissful?” Yes, these are life’s real situations, but the question I would like to ask you is this: For whatever reason, if out-side situations have gone out of control and turned unpleasant for you, is it not all the more important that at least you keep your insides pleasant and wonderful? It does not matter how carefully you walk through this life, you will step into some unpleasantness. It is unavoidable.

So whenever we face unpleasant situations, is there any intelligence in turning your insides unpleasant as well? In fact, when the outside is unpleasant it is extremely important that you keep your insides pleasant.How is this possible?

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