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Do You Have to Be 'Dead Serious' to Be Spiritual?

Do You Have to Be 'Dead Serious' to Be Spiritual?

“The psychological mess that happens within you is not life. It is something that you create. If your petty creation has become far more important than the Creator's creation, that is sacrilege — not spirituality.”


If you allow life to happen within you exuberantly, life is fun.

The only reason why the whole world has not naturally turned spiritual is because people are dead serious. The English expression "dead serious" means you are dead and you are serious. Maybe not fully dead; if you are fully dead, that is different. But too many people are half dead or partially dead. Being partially dead is torture. They are serious, and they unfortunately think they are spiritual. Once you become very serious about something, your whole perception is distorted. You know this from your own life. On a certain day, when you are too serious and anxious about something, you do not see anything that is around you properly – everything is distorted.

A spiritual process does not mean being serious or non-serious. "Spirituality," or a "spiritual process," essentially means you have realized that the way you know life is not enough; you want to know it a little deeper. Unless your perception is enhanced, unless you enhance your ability to perceive life, how would you know anything deeper than the way it is right now? If you want to enhance your perception, the first and foremost thing you need to do is become fully, exuberantly alive and involved in all that there is. If you become exuberantly alive, you cannot be serious. You can be serious only when you are wrapped up in your own psychological mess. You can get so serious that you will not let anything happen.

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