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Don’t invest in misery

Don’t invest in misery

“To be spiritual means to experientially know that ‘I am the source of my joy’. Right now, you believe that something or somebody else is the source of your joy, so you are always at their mercy.”


Today, most people in the world, especially young people, have developed a certain allergy towards spirituality. This has happened because spirituality has been presented in such an ugly way. Today, people interpret spirituality as torturing oneself, living a terrible life — it’s become about starving, sitting on the roadside and begging, and, above all, being anti-life. People consider that one who is spiritual should somehow not enjoy life and must suffer in every possible way.

Being spiritual has nothing to do with your external. You can be spiritual whether you live in a hut or a palace. Living in a hut or a palace is either about your choice or social and economic compulsions. It has got nothing to do with your spirituality. People always ask me, “What is the difference between a spiritual and a materialistic person?” As a joke, I tell them, a materialistic person earns only his food. For everything else — for joy, for peace, for love — he has to beg. A spiritual person earns everything himself — his love, his peace, his joy. He begs only for his food and, if he wants, he can earn that also.

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