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Get out of your BMW

Get out of your BMW

“Put body, mind and the world (BMW) in their place, for these are the only three ways suffering can come to you.”—Sadhguru

What is Samyama and how does it help us in life? Samyama is clarity. When I say clarity, I’m not talking about mental clarity. I know people have been talking about mental clarity for a long time. But you must know, in the very nature of things, there is no question of the mind being clear. As the mind is a complex accumulation of various impressions that we have taken in, it is always murky. It is just that on a certain day, the content of your mind is pleasant, the way you like it. Then you think it is clear. Another day the content of the mind is unpleasant. Now you think it is murky, it is not true. All the time it is murky because it is an accumulation.

Samyama is absolute clarity in terms of life. This kind of clarity clearly puts what is true and what is not true, right where it belongs. If you have to move from what is untrue to true, you cannot do it with ‘mental’ clarity. You need a different level of clarity that puts everything in its place.

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