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Heaven, Hell Your Choice

Heaven, Hell Your Choice

“Hell and heaven are not places but different states of experience, particularly after death.”—Sadhguru

When a person dies, he loses his body, and his intellect or discerning mind. The memory part of the mind, however, continues to function but only as tendencies within him. He cannot choose anymore because he does not have a discerning mind. Because of this lack of choice, if the memory bank is full of unpleasantness, this unpleasantness can multiply a million times over.

For example, right now if you get angry, you can use your discerning mind and control it. But if you did not have this discerning mind, the anger would flare up into madness. So, once a person has died, whatever is the content of his mind — the moment of death is a significant part — if he has cultivated pleasantness as the general content of his mind, it could multiply many fold because of lack of discernment.

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