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In dissent with every existent dogma

In dissent with every existent dogma

“The hardship, if any, is always self-imposed. The questions are their own; the journey is emphatically their own.”—Sadhguru

We hear a great deal today about the right to dissent, as well as the many ways in which that democratic right is endangered. Most believe that a spiritual journey is about blind obedience rather than dissent. They believe it means following a prescribed path rather than creating one’s own.

It’s time to demystify our understanding of both spirituality and dissent. The first thing to remember is that the entire spiritual process is rooted in dissent. It implies dissent with every existent dogma, creed, ritual, philosophy and ideology. There’s nothing status quoist about genuine spirituality. As a young American woman poet said so memorably, “just is, isn’t always justice.” Seekers aren’t content with the way things seem to be; they want to know how things are. Spirituality is always about seeking, not merely following. That’s why no parliament, school or university will ever see the diversity and multiplicity of questions as a spiritual domain does.

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