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Just plain, dumb, stupid

Just plain, dumb, stupid

“Joyfulness doesn't happen because everything is perfect, but joyfulness happens because you are unwilling to subjugate your intelligence to what is happening around you.”


"If you made your life energies inert, that would be a good service to the world because you would be dead, but you have made your life energies a vigorously negative function, going in the wrong direction, taking on a wrong form; maybe wrong is not the word, an unpleasant form. Unhappiness means unpleasantness, isn't it?

So instead of keeping the physical body, mind and energy pleasant, you have chosen to keep it unpleasant. If I ask you why, you will blame your mother-in-law, boss, wife, husband, child, bank balance or the hole in your pocket. However, none of these are the reasons, it is just that you're plain stupid. There is no other reason."

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