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To End Violence, Raise Human Consciousness

November 11, 2021

"The violence that is happening in parts of Bangladesh is extremely distressing. Homes have been razed to the ground, businesses have been burnt down,...

Mystic's Musings

November 23, 2021

This work is a collection of the words of wisdom of the Master spoken to close disciples over a period of ten years at various occasions and settings....

How To Deal With Expectations In a Relationship

November 25, 2021

Where there is a relationship, there is an expectation. The expectations that most people are creating...

I Face a Lot of Friction - What to Do?

November 30, 2021

I see this happening every day, to a large percentage of people. Let’s say some task has to be done. If it does not happen, the initial instinct in most...

How To Deal With Expectations In a Relationship

December 1, 2021

Your body is right now made in such way that it is still in a condition where it needs a relationship....