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Oneness and wellness

Oneness and wellness

“If your energy body is in balance and full flow, physically and mentally you will be in perfect health.”


To ‘feel healthy’ is to have a sense of wholeness within. If we are free of diseases medically, that is not health. If we feel like a complete human being in body, mind and spirit, then we are really healthy. Many are medically healthy, but not healthy in the real sense because they do not experience a sense of wellness within.

To experience a sense of wholeness and oneness, it’s important that your body, mind and, above all, your energy functions at a certain level of intensity within. Now, physically one may be healthy, but still feel lethargic. You don’t know why things don’t happen in life the way they should, both inside and outside; this is because you are not taking care of the well-being of your energy.

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