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Square one of your life

Square one of your life

“Joy is not the end of the world. I am talking about Joy as the square one of your life, as a solid foundation for your life to flower upon.”


I am not talking about Joy as the ultimate possibility in your life; I am talking about Joy as the ‘A’ of your life, not the 'Z' of your life. When the ‘A’ has not happened, what else are you talking about? You are trying to build a house without laying the foundations. Do you know what a feat it will be to hold up a house that doesn't have foundations? If you let it go for one moment, it will fall on your head. That's how your life is, isn't it? If you are off guard for one moment, everything will crash upon your head.

But if you have a solid foundation of Joy, you can do whatever you want to do on that. You can even build a huge mansion and it is fine because it has got good foundations. Now you have no foundations or you have shaky foundations and you are trying to hold the building up. What a torture every little activity of life must be!

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