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The Perfect Form

The Perfect Form

“The first form of creation is an ellipsoid.Today modern cosmologists are saying that the core of every galaxy is in the form of an ellipsoid.”


SADHGURU JAGGI VASUDEV explains the symbolism of a linga. When un-manifest energy begins to manifest itself, the first form is always the Linga, he says

Is all energy a vibration or just different frequencies of vibrations? Is gross versus subtle energy, just a difference in the frequency of vibration?

  • Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: Energy, if it vibrates, takes a form. Now you want to put a line between what is physical, and what is beyond the physical. When you are talking about energy as modern science does, you’re still talking about physical energy.We refer to this as prana, which is the source of all physical creation.Beyond that also there is energy.That energy is not manifest as physical, but it is still energy.That’s what we’re calling the etheric body and the bliss body. Or these days, we are calling it nothingness. Nothingness is bliss. It does not make sense logically.You can speak logically only up to pranamayakosha. Beyond that, it will not make any logical sense. How can nothingness be blissful? People feel depressed when they feel like nothing.What I’m saying is, when you experience your nothingness, you feel blissful.That’s not logical. So that realm of going beyond the karma cannot he approached logically. It’s just that you understand that the physical contains something else. It’s wrong to call it ‘something’ because it is no more a thing. We can use the word ‘something’ and all this ‘thing’ business only when it is physical.So when we say ‘nothing’, probably you would understand it better if we put a hyphen between no and thing, because it is no-thing anymore, but still it is, so that is where logic ends. That’s where modern science ends — with the physical.The whole spiritual process is to go beyond the physical, to know something which is not physical. That which is not physical has no dimension.That which has no dimension has no sense of here and there,now and then, nothing like that. Only the physical has here and there. Only the physical has now and then.That which is not physical does not subscribe to all these limitations.

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