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The Secret to Effortless Living

The Secret to Effortless Living

“The human race has been doing so much to achieve happiness and wellbeing on this planet that in this pursuit, we are destroying the very planet on which we live.”


There was a time when survival for a human being meant food and shelter. Today, food and shelter are getting more and more complicated and expensive. It is fine to have all those things but they should not become the determining factors of your life. What kind of food you eat, what kind of clothes you wear, what kind of home you live in—each one organises these things according to his capability but they should not become limiting factors; they are only the supporting factors of your life. Whether you travelled from your home to your office on foot or on a bicycle or in a Maruti or a Mercedes, it is just a question of different people's financial capabilities, choice and opportunity.

The important thing is you got there; the means of travel is only incidental. This is true with every aspect of your life. But the incidental factors have taken on such phenomenal importance that the basic thing about life has been completely forgotten. The process has become more important than the real thing. We are trying to graduate from one material thing to another because we believe that is happiness.

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