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To Be Boundary-less, Become Conscious

To Be Boundary-less, Become Conscious

“Yoga enables you to arrive at a state where you see things as they are, not magnified by your own fear and anxiety.”


A group of anaesthesiologists that visited the ashram recently asked me if yoga could be incorporated into modern medicine to alleviate pain. I told them it certainly could, but first, it is important to understand the role of pain in our lives.

When I was in Russia recently, an acute toothache necessitated an emergency tooth extraction. Since I had a programme in two hours, I could not drive to a clinic in Moscow. And so, much against the dentist’s wishes, the extraction took place without any anaesthesia or painkillers. It was excruciatingly painful, but soon afterwards, the pain abated. And I had a good laugh because I am not someone who will allow a painful tooth to rule my life!

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