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Transforning Entanglement Into Ecstasy

Transforning Entanglement Into Ecstasy

“The goddess represents the very source of creation, and for her devotees, entire creation is her womb.”


There seem to be two ways to live life: entangled or ecstatic. Thanks to the intellect, achievements of human civilization are many, but a significant lacuna in modern civilization is that it has lost access to ecstasy..

Devi, the Divine Feminine, has been a wonderful means of transforming entanglement into ecstasy. Ancient civilizations– Egyptian, Greek, Mesopotamian, Indian – were devoted to goddess worship. With the advent of aggressive patriarchal religions, however, the feminine was banished and extinguished. There was a time when every street in this subcontinent had a goddess temple. Today only south Indian villages can still boast of their own Amman (goddess) shrines.

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