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Turning transactions into tangos

Turning transactions into tangos

“The time has come for us to move from entitlement to gratitude, accumulation to awareness, calculation to consciousness.”


Recently, a couple came to me. Around five years ago, they believed they had the most spectacular love affair in the world. Now, ironically, their question was, “How can we separate without killing each other?”

Human beings have become masters at the art of turning bonds into bondage. In an active state of involvement with life, we develop many intimate bonds with people, places, animals and objects. Initially, these seem like wonderful enhancements to our lives, but before we know it, we are bound by our work, home, families, wealth, and even our thoughts and emotions! We have become adept at turning relationships into deals, unconditionality into instrumentality, tangos into transactions. We imprison ourselves in a cage of our own making, turning resources of well-being into sources of toxicity. Whether gold-plated or iron-barred, a cage is still a cage. A spider that is trapped in a web of its own making is a tragedy. And yet, this is what we do, again and again – enshrine our limitations, and then suffer them.

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