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Writing With Heartfelt Gratitude To Women

Writing With Heartfelt Gratitude To Women

“As members of the human race, we need to move towards an inclusive universality, not a reverse biological bigotry.”


Some wonder why International Women’s Day should be observed on a single day of the calendar year. Despite President Obama’s declaration of March as “Women’s History Month”, the question persists. Why demarcate a single day or month for a cause? Surely that is patronising to women?

Certainly, in an ideal world, every day ought to be a celebration – not of any segment of society, but of all of humanity. However, in a still-unequal world, a month that celebrates women’s achievements is an important reminder of the need for a more gender sensitive and equitable society. Much may have been achieved, but inequalities persist in fields of business, politics, health, education, arts and entertainment, and violence towards women remains a relevant issue worldwide.

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