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Becoming An Effective Tool For Transmission

Becoming An Effective Tool For Transmission

“If you want to have mastery over your systems, that is not like realization. Realization is simple, it is the highest but it is simple.”


Q: Sadhguru you said that if realization is what you seek, don’t worry, it’s taken care of if you have come in contact with me. My question is what can we seek more than realization?

Sadhguru: In terms of seeking there is really nothing more, in terms of experiencing and knowing there is nothing more, but in terms of living there could be something more. Let’s say you are in such a state that in the next three minutes, you will die. Those last moments when your life is ebbing out, making you realize will be child’s play for me. When your life is just ebbing out of your system, it will be very easy to release the being because at that moment you are very susceptible – easily you will crack. But right now, for everything I say you come back with new logic. Whatever I do with you, whatever I make you experience, you come back after two months and you ask me “What about this?” So we are just waiting for you to die. Or we are waiting for you to get total mastery over your system so that you can be realized and still retain the body. If you want to have mastery over your systems, that is not like realization. Realization is simple, it is the highest but it is simple.

You know, they said “atma gnanam athi sulabham.” That means “realization is the simplest thing.” It is very simple, but the technologies of holding on to your body, the technology of how the body is created and how you can sustain this body without certain parameters which are necessary to sustain the body on a normal basis, that takes enormous understanding, involvement, intelligence, application, sadhana.

And you can become an effective tool in transmitting realization or become a possibility for another person’s realization only if you have technology. For example, let’s say we get you a Ferrari. You already know how to drive and have been driving a Maruthi. With a Ferrari, it will skid around a little bit initially because of the kind of power it carries, but in a day’s time or in a few hours, you get the feel of it and then you are screaming it. And if you have this stupid intention that you want everyone to have a Ferrari, you want to build Ferrari in Coimbatore, that is a different level of involvement. You got one as a gift and you drove one, that is different. Wanting everyone to have one takes a completely different level of involvement.

It is only in that context that I said, if you are just seeking realization, just wait. But if you are seeking to become a tool, if you are seeking to become a means and a process for many other people, it needs a different level of sadhana. Why we created brahmacharies and sanyasis is because we want to form a group of people who could become a tool in future, if they handle the situations right and give themselves completely into these processes. And in turn it can be carried from generation to generation as a very effective tool in a live condition – not as information or in a book – but as a live thing which cannot be distorted. When it is experientially alive, there is no question of distortion.

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