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Instruments for Energy Healing – Are They Dangerous?

Instruments for Energy Healing – Are They Dangerous?

“Only if you can dip into the non-physical, then you can play with the physical a little bit; otherwise do not attempt that.”


Q: There are some energy-based solutions for health, instruments like Tensor and Frequency Generators, which can generate a negative polarity at the signals and feed it into the body. The question is by doing healing this way, will it not create any karma?

Sadhguru: This may not be good for commerce, but I cannot help saying this: trying to heal with vibrations, bio-energies and such things has to be done in a very careful and calibrated way. Otherwise, I have personally seen these things causing immense damage to people who are promoting and propagating these things themselves. A lot of damage has been caused to their life, and some of them are no more.

But every day, a new instrument comes up. I want you to understand, suppose you had a backache and you happened to sit next to an electric generator. It may so happen that your backache is cured because of the generator’s vibrations. But that does not mean you should start selling electric generators as backache-curing machines because you do not know what other impacts it has.

Many times, people have been cured of serious ailments because they were stung by a scorpion or bitten by a snake, because the toxicity of the venom can do miraculous things. Today, there is a lot of science evolving around using venom as a medicine. Cobra’s venom has been used by mystics as a way of enhancing perception, but it is done in a very calibrated and careful way. These are not feats being performed. When they are used in a certain way, they are a powerful means.

Similarly, certain vibrations might have had certain effects. But assuming this can cure everything and selling a machine based on this is very juvenile. Most of these machines have not been through the necessary testing to determine whether they really work and what their side-effects are.

These are people who are in a commercial hurry. They find something a little beneficial and they want to give it to you. Just about anything can be beneficial, if at a certain moment it touches you in a certain way, but this does not mean it is a standard treatment process. I personally would not advise going for these things, unless they are really tested out.

A machine, whatever the machine, can only generate a certain level of physical energy – at the most, what people are referring to as bio-energy, but let me not go into the terminologies. There is a physical dimension of energy and a non-physical dimension of energy. Whatever physical energies any human being uses must be used only if he is rooted in the non-physical. That is the reason why I always discourage healers and others. Just because you learned how to use your physical energies a little, do not start using it because it has its possibilities, it has its limitations and it has its serious problems.

Only if you can dip into the non-physical, then you can play with the physical a little bit; otherwise do not attempt that. When I am saying that to human beings, I say that about machines too.

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