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Nada Aradhana – Cracking the Wall of Energy

Nada Aradhana – Cracking the Wall of Energy

“When you go as an offering, you are most receptive to what is available there.” —Sadhguru

Q:  Can you say something about the significance of participating in the Nada Aradhanas each day; either singing or playing the bowls, drumming or just simply being there and meditating…

Sadhguru: One important reason why we started this process which we call as Nada Aradhana is because the energy of Dhyanalinga can become like a solid wall. Now that many of you are having a dip in the Theerthakunds and then entering the Dhyanalinga space, I am sure some of you, if you are sensitive to it, must have felt that it hits you, almost like a physical thing. Because the field of energy that gathers around the linga is so intense, it can be like a strong wall. It can become so intense that for those who penetrate through it, it will be wonderful; others will sit in the space but will sit outside the energy simply because of its intensity. If it was of a weaker intensity then a lot more people could enter.

So, twice a day, we are sort of cracking this wall by using certain sounds – sometimes melodious sounds, sometimes discordant sounds! The melody of the music that they produce is only socially relevant for the people who are sitting there. But the purpose of making the sounds is fulfilled even if they are discordant, because the idea is to disturb something there which is manifesting itself into something very intense – almost like a solidified presence – so that it becomes a little more accessible to all the people who enter.

Twice a day, we are shaking it up a little. You could just do it with a few shouts or even make noises with some kitchen utensils, if you do it intensely enough. It may not serve the social purpose, but the spiritual purpose is being served. However, we want to make use of this as an offering, because in a state of offering a human being is most receptive.

An Offering of Sounds

Always in the Indian way of life, if you go to the temple you must offer something. This is not because God wants to eat your banana or coconut. If you do not have bananas or coconuts, you are supposed to at least offer a leaf. The idea is that you go with an intention of offering. You go as an offering. When you go as an offering, you are most receptive to what is available there.

So the times of Nada Aradhana are the most receptive for people because they are a time of an offering. For those of you who are unable to experience Dhyanalinga for what it is, if you are struggling with it, the best time for you to be there is definitely Nada Aradhana time. One thing is because we are loosening the surrounding structure in a certain way. Another is that it is a time of offering, which is the most receptive state to be in.

If you are in the ashram and you do not have any important work on your hand, I would say you must be there at that time. Otherwise, you are missing something very precious.

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