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The Hum of New York City

The Hum of New York City

“Cities are creatures that we create, and we must put a humane face to them.” —Sadhguru

Overlooking Central Park, at the very core of the Big Apple, reverberating with the hum of New York City. An honest young police officer’s life came to an end with a bullet in the face. Grief and grime of death for the bereaved family and a few others, but the city hums on. Chequered Manhattan – the merciless Market place, flashy Time Square, talent-bedecked Broadway, the subway and the sub-culture, streets and sewers all in full flow. A city that survived the tragedy of 9/11, will it stop for a lone cop shot in the face. A city or a country is not the face of humanity.

In the last four days, have been in three great cities. From Los Angeles to Chicago to New York, each with distinct characteristics of their own. Each a creature of its own kind. How cities grow as animals of gargantuan proportions, each with their own style and stink. The consequence of collective karma.

Talking about cities – Bhaktapur, a great city of eleven hundred year antiquity and a true labour of love and devotion, lies in ruin in Nepal. The quake has left this blessed nation of gentle people in tatters and grief.

Cities are creatures that we create, and we must put a humane face to them.

Love & Grace,


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