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The Significance of the Ring Finger

The Significance of the Ring Finger

“The aspect of putting metal on the ring finger is like a remote to opening up the dimensions of your own body.”


Q: You have mentioned that the ring finger is key to opening up the existence. Can you please elaborate on this?

Sadhguru: It depends on what you are trying to open up. If it is your ear, then the little finger is better – this is my suggestion! Nowadays, a lot of new age-y people are putting a ring upon their thumb. That is not a good thing to do because you will attract certain kinds of energies that you cannot deal with.

But now you are talking about the ring finger. Forget about the cosmos, there is only one cosmos for you, that is this human mechanism. In a way, the ring finger is significant to open up this human mechanism to many possibilities. In some cultures, if you want to open up a person to become your bride or groom, you put a ring on their ring finger. This is because somewhere, they understood that if you do this, certain things will happen. So they used this particular finger. Another aspect of putting metal on the ring finger was that it stabilizes the system. There are many other dimensions, but to put it in a generic way, it is like a remote to open up the dimensions of your own body.

Without opening up this human mechanism, there is no cosmos for you. The ring finger is not really about the cosmos. It is about this system, the human mechanism. If you open this up, then there is a cosmos. The cosmos has always been there. It is just that you did not open it.

You may have seen me using the ring finger in certain ways, but knowing how to use the ring finger will take a certain amount of training. It is best not to simply touch the ring finger with the thumb, as it will dissipate your energies in many different ways.

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