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We need more Bharat Ratnas

We need more Bharat Ratnas

“Can our leaders breach the bounds of arrogance and ignorance and make a few winning strokes for the nation?” —Sadhguru

After 59 days of travel that has taken me through over six nations in the last 25 days and many events and programs, here I am, little dazed and safe upon terra firma in New Delhi. In Delhi, to address the YPO International University and few other important groups of people separately. But being in Delhi you cannot avoid the toxic fumes of the political heat that is building up in the nation. The political situation is getting vitiated like never before, major parties instead of starting a responsible debate as to what are the different options that they are going to explore if elected, there is only talk about their own rights and legacies that give them birth rights to rule this nation. The idea of democracy is that anyone from any background can rise to lead the nation irrespective of parentage or privilege. Across the political landscape it has become common to call each other liars, looters, thieves, and so on.

Our beloved Bharat ungoverned as it is, is being brought down to basics. The much needed pride and prestige of the nation has to be restored in the hearts and minds of the people. The noxious political war is unfolding, the fumes of which are unavoidable in the capital city. It is important to stem the spread of such fumes across the country.

But, Bharat has its Ratnas (jewels) too. I was in Mumbai when a very touching and stupendous event of Sachin Tendulkar’s classic career in the cricketing world came to a story book type of closure. This ‘sundowner’ was unique to say the least. The little man who took big steps or shots is a classic example of what a level headed and humble approach can do to any individual. There have been many talented cricketers but no one could be compared to him, the true greats in the game too are dwarfed before this little man. The little great man bows down to the earth that he treads and offers his gratitude to the sky.

He needs no award from anyone as he has been universally hailed by all lovers and experts in the game as the greatest in his achievements. But a political row breaks out about offering Bharat Ratna award. Will our political leaders take a lesson or two from the little jewel of our nation in humility, balance, sense of purpose and commitment to the cause, to name a few. Can our leaders breach the bounds of arrogance and ignorance and make a few winning strokes for the nation?

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