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How Shiva Mastered Death

March 13, 2020

Sadhguru explains one aspect of being a yogi, and gives us a process to become a mrityunjaya, a deathless being.

4 Shiva Stories to Keep You Awake on Mahashivratri

March 12, 2020

Story 1: Shiva and the Bullock Cart Sadhguru: It happened some three hundred years ago. There was...

What Decides Our Success

March 11, 2020

A seeker asks Sadhguru whether luck, fate and God decide our success. Sadhguru tells us that whether they play a role in being successful or not is not...

What Is The Difference Between A Spiritual And A Materialistic Person

March 10, 2020

Sadhguru: Today, most people in the world, especially young people, have developed a certain allergy...

Why Should Millennials Celebrate Mahashivratri

March 9, 2020

Sadhguru answers a question about why Mahashivratri is relevant to Millennials, and explains that it...

How Do We Handle Hard Times in Life

March 6, 2020

Sadhguru answers a question on dealing with feelings of loneliness and getting through hard times in life.

Inspire Your Child

March 5, 2020

Only when we are inspired, we go beyond and do things that we wouldn’t normally do, points out SADHGURU JAGGI VASUDEV Today, worldwide, educational...

Were We Really Created by God?

March 4, 2020

“Were we really created by God?” a seeker asks Sadhguru. Our ideas of God sprung from a need to explain the creation, and vary from culture to culture,...

Getting rid of baggage

March 3, 2020

This is a time of the year where you are supposed to burn all this old baggage. It is harvest season —to harvest, first you have to cut down the old...

Does Yoga Help With Diabetes?

March 2, 2020

Question: Can Yoga help alleviate my Diabetes? Sadhguru: When it comes to a chronic ailment, whatever may be the ailment, the root cause for it is always...