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Mukti in this Lifetime?

December 21, 2017

One ever-burning question that people keep asking me is if they can attain mukti in this lifetime. First of all, let’s understand what mukti is. Birth...

How to Nurture a Child’s Innate Genius

December 20, 2017

At a memorial event in California, Sadhguru discusses nurturing children and bringing out the innate...

Suffering or Joy

December 19, 2017

At a memorial event in California, Sadhguru speaks about the transformation that one can experience through Inner Engineering.

Should Spirituality be Separate from Charity

December 18, 2017

TRS MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha asks Sadhguru whether a spiritual leader should get involved in charity, politics and other aspects of society, or wait for...

Passionate About Everything in Existence

December 15, 2017

During a stop in Delhi on the Rally for Rivers route, a young person expresses his desire to commit his time towards the cause.

If You Don’t Lose Yourself, You’re a Lost Case

December 14, 2017

Sadhguru corrects a common misconception that spirituality is about finding yourself. In fact, it’s...

Sleep and Restfulness

December 13, 2017

During a session of the Jaipur Literature Festival 2017, Sanjoy Roy, the managing director behind this word-renowned festival, asks Sadhguru a question...

Is Attention Deficit a Disorder?

December 12, 2017

The number of children that are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has been growing...

The Shape of Your Mind

December 11, 2017

Why do people feel joyful one moment and absolutely miserable the next moment? Why does that which you are longing for seem so close one moment, and...

What Does Artificial Intelligence’s Growth Mean for Humanity?

December 8, 2017

Q: Sadhguru, you spoke about making the right priorities so that we are available to truth in life...

Hopping Continents – Mission Consciousness

December 7, 2017

London, 15 Nov 2017 Post Rally for Rivers, in the last month I’ve been in a buzz of travel and...