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Get out of your BMW

July 30, 2018

What is Samyama and how does it help us in life? Samyama is clarity. When I say clarity, I’m not talking about mental clarity. I know people have been...

Know about nothing

July 27, 2018

Energy, if it vibrates, takes a form. Now you want to put a line between what is physical and what is beyond the physical. When you are talking about energy...

Building on a Balanced Foundation

July 26, 2018

If the miracle of your mind has turned into a misery manufacturing machine, Sadhguru says, the first step towards a solution is to find balance. One you...

What a Pilgrimage to Kailash Really Means

July 25, 2018

Sadhguru: This is not a tour. This is not an adventure trek. This is a pilgrimage. If you are a trekker, you wear the mountain path a lixttle more than...

Let’s use all our emotions creatively

July 24, 2018

Can you elaborate on how sadness can be a means of growth? A: Most people do not know what it means for misery to strike in the form of life. But for...

Dispelling the Shadow of the Dead

July 23, 2018

Q: My physical body is going through a lot of changes after I began my practices, which I, as a medical doctor, cannot explain at all. I know it is a process...

Taking Charge of Your Inner and Outer Ecology

July 20, 2018

Sadhguru: You are an inseparable part of everything around you. Both the human and cosmic body are made up of five elements. In the yogic system, with...

Why Are Traditions Important?

July 19, 2018

Sadhguru: There are many traditions in the world. But if you can follow any tradition to its source, you will see it is only an outer manifestation or...

How A Guru Is Different From Saints and Sages

July 18, 2018

Sadhguru looks at what the fundamental quality of a Guru is, and how he is different from saints and sages.

What’s So Unique About Being Human?

July 17, 2018

Sadhguru: As a machine and as a platform for life, the human body is faultless. The only problem is that it does not take you anywhere; it springs out...

How to Deal with the Loss of a Loved One?

July 16, 2018

Q: Sadhguru, I lost my wife five weeks ago. She was such a good person. Why did this have to happen to her? Sadhguru: When we lose someone who is dear...