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How to Stop Being a Victim

December 20, 2019

Questioner: I come from a family with a stream of incredible disasters. How to help people who only suffer? Sadhguru: This may not sound compassionate...

Mahabharat Episode 44: Arjuna vs Karna – A Battle between Archrivals

December 19, 2019

What happened so far : Arjuna gets cold feet right before going into action as the Kurukshetra war...

Soil: The Mother From Which We Are All Born

December 18, 2019

Sadhguru looks at how soil is not “dirt” as it is commonly referred to, but the very source of our body and our life. He explain how unless we keep...

Oneness and wellness

December 17, 2019

To ‘feel healthy’ is to have a sense of wholeness within. If we are free of diseases medically, that is not health. If we feel like a complete human...

How Even the Worst Situation Can Transform Your Life

December 16, 2019

Sadhguru tells us the story of a woman who went through the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps,...

The Fine Art Of Dying Gracefully

December 13, 2019

People ask me, “If death is inevitable, why should I spend time and energy preparing for it?” Don't forget that what you refer to as death is a unique...

Ayahuasca and Parasitic Purging

December 12, 2019

Can hallucinogenic substances such as ayahuasca actually bring about a spiritual awakening? Sadhguru discusses the possibilities and dangers. Ayahuasca,...

From Stagnation to Stillness

December 10, 2019

Sadhguru : Stagnation is a certain disease; it is anti-life. Stillness is a tremendous amount of life not manifesting itself in any way. It is just there...

Propel Yourself, Chart Your Own Destiny

December 10, 2019

Many people implore me to tell their future. When will their daughters get married? Can I predict their business prospects? What they do not realise is...

Am I Becoming a Fool

December 9, 2019

A seeker wonders, when the mind seems to become empty, does that mean I am becoming a fool? If somebody else calls you a fool, Sadhguru answers, then it’s...

Inner Engineering Completion with Sadhguru

March 28 - 29, 2020

NESCO Center, Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East) Mumbai, India