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The Power of Your Emotion

December 31, 2020

Sadhguru talks about how maintaining a steady sweetness of emotions is an intelligent way to exist, and explains that people cannot help falling in love...

Namaskar or Namaste - What Does it Mean

December 30, 2020

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Namaskar? Sadhguru: When you see a person, whether it is in your workplace, on the street, at home or anywhere else,...

Can Wearing Gemstones Change My Life and Destiny

December 29, 2020

Responding to a question on whether inanimate objects like gemstones can affect one’s life, Sadhguru...

Trapped in the Psychological Game

December 28, 2020

While playing a game might bring you joy for a while, Sadhguru asks, what if you were trapped in a game you couldn’t stop playing? This scenario reflects...

Is It Possible To Master Time

December 22, 2020

Time management is a big deal in people’s lives. But is it really possible to master time? In this video, Sadhguru explains how one can effectively utilize...

Should You Pray To God

December 21, 2020

Should you pray to God? Sadhguru’s answer might be a total surprise, whether you’re the praying kind or “not praying” kind.

The Four Parts of the Mind

December 18, 2020

Sadhguru looks at how in the yogic system, the mind is seen as having 16 parts. He looks at four fundamental parts - the buddhi or intellect, the ahankara...