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The Big Bang Is Also Your Karma

August 15, 2019

Your Past, Present, and Future is Written All Over You Sadhguru: One way of looking at karma is that it is a residual memory of various things that...

Mahabharat Episode 38: Hanuman Teaches Bhima Some Humility

August 14, 2019

What has happened so far: After the Pandava brothers are sentenced to exile, Draupadi tries futilely...

7 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask About Dhyanalinga!

August 13, 2019

Q: Why is there a tamarind tree in front of Dhyanalinga with black cloths tied to it? Sadhguru: It...

A Zen Story: The Buffalo’s Tail

August 12, 2019

Story: One day, disciples sat around their Zen master. One of them said, "Oh, Master! Please tell us a story today!" The master said, "Okay, but...

Dhyanalinga - The Big Zero

August 9, 2019

Sadhguru: The sound of the drum, the burst of cracker, a scream, a clap of thunder, a rustling of leaves, and a million other sounds – all this makes...

Raghu Rai Clicks Sadhguru

August 8, 2019

Sadhguru: I really don’t know how many pictures people have taken of me. It should be in the millions. The pictures are significant not because it’s...

What Is Dark Energy

August 7, 2019

Sadhguru offers a yogic perspective on the phenomenon which modern scientists are referring to as “dark energy”. He explains that “Kala” refers...

3 Kinds of Yogis

August 6, 2019

Sadhguru: In certain schools of yoga, they classify yogis into three categories. These are referred to as mandha, madhyama, and uttama. Mandha Yogis...

Why Hard Working People Fail

August 5, 2019

Sadhguru demolishes the popular idea of hard work leading to success, and explains how one can truly be successful.

What is the Best Yoga Mat to Use?

August 2, 2019

What kind of yoga mat should you choose? Sadhguru explains why using a raw silk or cotton yoga mat is ideal for a Hatha Yoga practitioner to be in tune...

Why China Needs the Real Yoga

August 1, 2019

...And Now, Yoga Sadhguru : Many times, the moment people lose their money, think they have lost their life and they want to kill themselves, isn't...