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The Best Food to Become Sensitive to Life

May 26, 2021

During a conversation with Philanthropist and Health and Wellness Advocate, Chakabars, Singer, Songwriter and Actress Keri Hilson, and Comedian and Actress...

What are the Five Elements or Pancha Bhutas

May 25, 2021

Sadhguru: Whether it is the individual human body or the larger cosmic body, essentially, they are made of five elements or the pancha bhutas – earth,...

Seeing Repeating Numbers: Is It More Than Coincidence

May 24, 2021

In a conversation with singer, songwriter and actress Keri Hilson, comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish,...

4 Beneficial Yogic Practices During the COVID Pandemic

May 21, 2021

Sadhguru talks about 4 simple Yogic practices that can help us improve our immunity and oxygen levels,...

An Important Step To Take During COVID Pandemic

May 20, 2021

Sadhguru looks at a few fundamental things every citizen can do for themselves and those around them,...

Take One Step Every Day Towards A Pleasant Life

May 19, 2021

Sadhguru talks about the importance of being in the right company and ambiance for one’s growth. He...

A Spiritual Vaccine Against All Challenges

May 18, 2021

Two footwear salesmen were sent to different parts of Africa. A week later, one sent an urgent email home: “Get me out of this place. Nobody wears shoes...

How Your Karma Changes When You Turn 21

May 17, 2021

When you turned 21, what significant changes did you notice in your life? Watch the video to find out what Sadhguru says about the changes in the human...

5 Natural Ways to Reduce Asthma Issues

May 12, 2021

On World Asthma Day, Sadhguru gives 5 simple tips for those suffering from asthma, that can help reduce asthma.

Akashic Records: Making Sense of the Mysterious

May 12, 2021

What are Akashic Records and What Do They Mean? Questioner: Could you tell...