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Inner Management

Inner Management

“Anybody who does not know how to manage his own body, his own mind, his own emotion, and his energies, if he is managing outside situations, he is only managing them by accident, not by intent the way he wants it. When you manage situations by accident, you exist as an accident.”


"Sadhguru is a self-realized and profound mystic of our times. He is an embodiment of the sages of the past who served as beacons of inspirations and guidance or entire civilizations; at the same time, he is acutely aware of current realities, making him a visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader of the world today. Also an author, poet, and internationally renowed speaker, Sadhguru's wit and piercing logic provoke and widen our perception of life.

As someone who belongs to no particular tradition, Sadhguru's guidance and powerful scientific methods are totally relevant to the modern individual and institutions, allowing them to cross their limitations to a higher possibility. In this regard, he has been able to touch millions of people, moving them towards realizin the ultimate potential within. "

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