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Can Eating Be A Spiritual Process?

January 20, 2014

Sadhguru explains how everything we do can be a spiritual process. Even eating food is a tremendous possibility to experience union.

The Foolish Beggar

January 17, 2014

A story of a beggar who looked in the wrong direction – the story, Sadhguru says, of humanity.

Yoga for Health

January 15, 2014

Yoga is often used as a road to good health and vitality. Sadhguru uses an analogy to explain how.

A One-Pointed Energy

January 13, 2014

Sadhguru remarks that if one can make their energies move in just a single direction, reaching the Ultimate is a natural progression.

The Only Way To Be Alone

January 10, 2014

What does it take to be alone, away from all those people who irritate you? Sadhguru tells us!

Touching and Transforming Another Life

January 8, 2014

Sadhguru explains how activity is meaningless unless it can touch the people around you.

Stop Making Life a Problem

January 6, 2014

Through a little wit and humor, Sadhguru tells us to stop making life a problem.

Living Free of Comparison

January 1, 2014

Sadhguru reminds us that trying to be like another human being is a deep insult to the Creator who has made every human being absolutely unique.

Your Fullest Potential

December 25, 2013

Sadhguru tells us what does it take to function to our fullest potential, unruffled by the vagaries and ups and downs of what’s happening around us....

Get to Know Yourself First

October 8, 2012

In this podcast, Sadhguru encourages that you spend a little time for yourself.