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Becoming Seekers of Truth

Becoming Seekers of Truth

Speaking on National Youth Day, which is celebrated each year on Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, Sadhguru elaborates on the need for the youth of today to become seekers of truth – or in other words seeking that which really works in different dimensions of life.

Quotes from this Video

“Being youth means, you are not willing to settle for false things, you want to find out what is it that really works.” —Sadhguru

“If your search for truth is given up, then you are no more youth, you have become old, you have settled, preparing for the grave.” —Sadhguru

“Which year were you born does not decide whether you're youth or old, have you made conclusions about life or are you still open, and seeking, this is what makes you youthful or old.” —Sadhguru