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Humanity is Headed for Disaster

Humanity is Headed for Disaster

Sadhguru looks at how human population today stands at 7.3 billion. No matter how much we strive, irrespective of how efficient our vehicles and devices get, the planet will be insufficient if human population continues to grow. Unfortunately, no one seems to want to address this fundamental issue of expanding human population, Sadhguru says.

Quotes from this Video

“There are many possibilities because we have capabilities and technologies which no other generation could ever dream of, will our capabilities turn against us or will they work for us is the big question.” —Sadhguru

“If all these (9.7 billion people) people get educated and get technologically empowered, the 9.7 billion people on this planet is for sure going to be a disaster.” —Sadhguru

“If the population almost goes up by 50%, no matter what we create, no matter how much we strive, whether whatever we build, everything is going to be insufficient.” —Sadhguru