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Mahavatar Babaji & Bodiless Yogis

Mahavatar Babaji & Bodiless Yogis

In this video, responding to a question about Mahavatar Babaji, Sadhguru talks about Nirmanakayas or Yogis who aim to be reincarnated after hundreds of years with the best version of themselves.

Quotes from this Video

“So, the experience of time and the way life experiences time is very different.”—Sadhguru

“When you live intensely within yourself, one year just goes like a whiz you know. You don't know what's happening. Before you turn around and see, years are just gone because you live intensely. As you become more and more intense in your experience, you will see time goes off like this.”—Sadhguru

“Once you have dropped your physical body, the earthly body that you picked up from the planet, how suddenly time is not an issue. What you think as hundred years later is nothing. It's just a moment later.”—Sadhguru