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Redefining Success

Redefining Success

How will Gen Y change the workplace and how can business create the best environment for them? Indrajit Gupta, former editor of Forbes India, asks Sadhguru and renowned CEO coach Ram Charan at the INSIGHT program, about the best way to manage Generation Y. Ram Charan speaks about the best way to deal with and utilize Gen Y's inclination to have information at their fingertips. Sadhguru speaks about the importance of reflection when faced with the information overload of today's world. He emphasizes the significance of developing the capability to assimilate and deepen one's attention to be truly successful without damaging the planet.

Quotes from this Video

“The previous generation, it’s not that they were less smart, it is just that technology has created so many pathways and so many possibilities. We are so hugely empowered – what ten thousand men could do, one man can do today. When such a phenomenal capability has come to us, how we exercise it is very, very important.”