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The Role of a Parent

The Role of a Parent

What is the role of a parent in today’s world? Sadhguru reminds us that nobody has ever known the best way to be a parent. However, by spending sufficient time to work on yourself, and by creating an atmosphere of joy, love and openness, you can do your best to help children grow up well.

Quotes from this Video

“Creating the necessary ambiance is a large part of parenthood. If you create the right kind of atmosphere–of a citizens of joy, love, care and discipline–for yourself and your home atmosphere generally they will grow up.” —Sadhguru

“We don't know what kind of standards they will set for you, but at least you must become the way you like.” —Sadhguru

“What's the best thing you can do? The first thing you could do is to work on yourself, spend sufficient time with yourself, look at yourself carefully, and one for most thing is at least make yourself in such a way that you would like to be.” —Sadhguru