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The True Meaning of Beauty

The True Meaning of Beauty

In this video, responding to a question on beauty, Sadhguru talks about the relation between beauty and perfection of geometry, and explains how everything is beautiful for one who has the eyes to observe.

Quotes from this Video

“Small things are very beautifully made because with the least amount of friction, they've learned to function.”—Sadhguru

“If you look at somebody when they're joyful, everybody is beautiful. Whatever the shape of the nose or the chin, when you see them in a joyful condition, they're always beautiful.”—Sadhguru

“Geometrically, it should be right. Only then it will stay. Otherwise, its very life is reduced. The life of a building or an animal or a creature or anything or any form in the existence, if it doesn’t find some kind of geometric harmony then it will go before it's time.”—Sadhguru