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Devotion in the Corporate World

Devotion in the Corporate World

Answering a question on devotion, Sadhguru elaborates that devotion is not something that one applies to their life in a corporate context. Devotion essentially means that a person has no agenda of their own. The moment one takes up corporate and family responsibilities, they are clearly stating that they have their own agenda. Not that devotion is absent in people, but that they should not attempt it as a full-time path. There are other ways to attain without disturbing external realities.

Quotes from this Video

“Devotion means taking your emotion to its highest pitch; it is held as the highest form of emotion, because, it is the least entangling, it is liberating.“—Sadhguru

“Devotion and corporate world will not go, devotion and family life will not go, devotion and anything will not go. Devotion means everything else has to dissolve. That is why if you talk devotion, it's just deception.“