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How can a Spiritual Seeker Stay Away from Distractions?

How can a Spiritual Seeker Stay Away from Distractions?

During the Guru Poornima Google Hangout, Sadhguru answers a question about distractions. To stay focused and receive what is offered, Sadhguru explains that all it takes is to remind ourselves that we are mortal. He gives us a simple method to keep this awareness strong within us.

Quotes from this Video

“The distraction is not only in the west, for those who want to be distracted there is distraction everywhere... don't think thousand years ago everybody was focused in fantastic, no, there were just good as you or as bad as you.” —Sadhguru

“What is that one thing I have to do to be focus or to be able to receive what is offered, very simple, just remind yourself tomorrow morning when you wake up in the morning that you are still alive. ” —Sadhguru

“The one thing that is common about us, whether you're black, white, blue, yellow, whatever kind you are, man, woman or other sex genders. Whatever you may be, one common denominator among all of us is, we will all die one day.” —Sadhguru