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Is Kamasutra Pornography?

Is Kamasutra Pornography?

Sadhguru answers about the Kamasutra and its misconception as pornography, and explains that India was a culture without morals. Sexuality was just another aspect of life, and Kamasutra was not written as pornography, but rather as a textbook on sexuality.

Quotes from this Video

“There is no such thing in this culture that we just saw life just the way it is, how much of what to do in your life is an individual choice.” —Sadhguru

“People will roll by their consciousness not by morality, not by the fear of punishment, simply by the sense of living.” —Sadhguru

“There's no morality in this country, we could live like this and really live well because there's a huge rise of consciousness.” —Sadhguru