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The True Role of a Guru

The True Role of a Guru

Sadhguru metaphorically explains the true role of a Guru in a seeker’s life, and how every human being can play their role in life to the hilt without losing sight of the “projection room.” The only requirement, he emphasizes, is to hold the hand of the director.

Quotes from this Video

“To be able to see the deception from back stage... If you've ever been to a theater, the drama is all real—what's happening there—but it's just one light bulb and two wheels spinning.”—Sadhguru

“It doesn't matter how brilliant you are, how capable you are. If you don't hold the hand of the Creator, your life will be a complete mess.”—Sadhguru

“From small things to big things, from the littlest of things in our lives to the largest things that you perceive, there is a series of deceptions.”—Sadhguru