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What Happens When You Start Developing Ojas

What Happens When You Start Developing Ojas

  • Ojas is that kind of energy which is not physical in nature.
  • If you do meditation, you are in Samadhi, then that your upper Ojas become Paraojas, Paraojas become Aura and that halo, that Aura is nothing but Ojas.
  • If you have ojas around you, your passage through the world, the passage through life becomes well-lubricated.
  • Move with least amount of resistance.
  • Pass through this existence with least amount of friction.
  • What happens when you start developing ojas?
  • Convert the physical into non-physical dimension of energy.
  • Doing Shambhavi, if you're doing it every day, you will develop ojas.
  • Generating ojas is a very important part of living successfully.

Quotes from this Video

“If you create sufficient ojas around you, life happens effortlessly for you.”—Sadhguru

“You would naturally venture to do a lot of things if you had no friction problems.”—Sadhguru

“Life is about attention. How keenly attentive you are is how much you know of life.”—Sadhguru