Becoming Silence

“In consciously aspiring for silence, there is a possibility of becoming silence.”—Sadhguru

The existence that one is able to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch through the five senses is essentially a product of reverberations, a play of sound, or naad. The body and mind of a human being are also reverberations. But body and mind are just the outer peel of a possibility. Most people do not go beyond the peel; they sit on the threshold of the doorway their whole lives. But the purpose of a doorway is to enter. To experience that which is beyond this doorway, people do many things. One of them is mauna, the practice of silence.

In Sanskrit, there are many words for silence, such as maun and nishabd. "Maun" means "silence"—you do not speak; it is an attempt to create nishabd. "Nishabd" means "that which is not sound"—beyond body, mind and all creation, meaning, transcending sound.

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