Bhairavi Sadhana – Significance and Benefits

“The only aspiration in your life should be you must do your life in the highest possible way; otherwise it is a worthless life.”

— Sadhguru

The significance of doing periods of sadhana is unfortunately being lost in so-called modern societies. Today, it is only the uneducated and the rural people who do it. Once you become educated, you are not supposed to do anything right. Modern education is creating scattered human beings. They feel they are superior to everyone, but they are confused about every little thing. They do not know what an illiterate peasant knows, but they think are superior. They are definitely a superior level of confusion.

The significance of a period of sadhana is to bring an organic intelligence to your system which makes life effortless. Do not imagine that creation is a problem that you have to solve. Creation is not a problem. Creation is a tremendous phenomenon. You can either ride it, or you can be crushed by it. The choice is yours. If you ride it, it is a phenomenon beyond anyone’s imagination. If you are crushed by it, it is a horrible thing.

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