Can We Exist Without Anger?

“Unfortunately for most people, their fear, their anger or their hatred is the most intense situation in their lives.

Their love is never so intense; their peace is never so intense; their joy is never so intense.”


Can we exist without anger? It seems we cannot. This is probably because our anger is the most intense expression of energy we have experienced in our life.

People want some intensity somehow. The only ways in which they experience intensity are through physical action, anger and pain. They do not know any better ways to be intense. The reason why drugs and sex have become such big draws in the world is that somehow people want to experience some intensity, at least for a few moments. It is intensity that draws them and it is the only thing that human beings are seeking.

Can we transform the negative expressions of energy into positive expressions? The answer is yes.

The whole process of yoga is based on this. Yoga means cultivating your energy in such a way that gradually breaks the physical limitations and elevates you to the highest level of awareness, the flowering of the human potential.

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