Creating and Manifesting What You Want

“If your mind is conscious, it is magic. It is a miracle; it is the bridge to the beyond.” —Sadhguru

Your mind can be in five different states. It can be inert. That means it is not activated at all -- it is in a rudimentary state. If you energize an inert mind, the mind becomes active but scattered. If you energize it further, it is no longer scattered, but oscillating. If you energize it even further, it becomes one-pointed. If you energize it still further, it will become conscious. If your mind is conscious, it is magic. It is a miracle; it is the bridge to the beyond.

Inert minds are not a problem. Someone who is very simple-minded and whose intellect is still not effervescent has no trouble. He eats well, he sleeps well. It is only people who think that cannot sleep. Simple-minded people perform all the activities of the body far better than the so-called intellectual people because it needs some intelligence to cause disturbance and chaos. But an inert mind is closer to animal nature than the possibility of what it means to be human.

The moment you pump some energy into an inert mind, it becomes active, but it could be scattered. For some people with inert minds, after they begin certain yogic practices, they become much more disturbed than before. They were sleeping and eating better before they came to yoga. Now their mind is thinking all kinds of things. They were never troubled by such things before, because the mind was inert.

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