Do you really exist?

“With your awareness, practices, love, and with your devotion, all you are trying to do is destroy the possibility of taking on another body.”


If you look up in the sky during the day, you see the sun. That becomes the most dominant in your experience. In the night if you look up, the stars become very dominant in your experience. But both the sun and the stars look puny when compared to the immense vastness of the sky. True existence can be likened to the vastness of the sky. The sun, the stars, you and me are all just small happenings. Today, science is telling you that even the sun has a lifespan. Eventually, it will burn itself out. So whatever you see as physical existence is just a small happening. The true existence is the vastness, the emptiness that is there, the space.

What you call a person is just like a bubble. This bubble doesn’t have a substance of its own. When the bubble bursts, the substance that is inside the bubble, where is it? The air has reclaimed it; the atmosphere has reclaimed it. Similarly, a bubble is formed of an etheric body, pranic body, mental body and physical body. The physical body we can cut away any moment but not the others. Only what you call as existence, can do it.

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