Emotion: The Juice of Life

Emotion can be a very powerful force of movement if one knows how to gather them, and at the same time, be fluid with them when necessary. If one is incapable of gathering his emotions when needed, then emotions are just pure madness.

Our emotions are capable of leaving us stranded in the depths of human experience. But they could also take us to the very heights. Unfortunately, only a minuscule portion of humanity experiences their emotions as a stepping stone. For everyone else, emotions at best bring a little pleasantness, and at worst leave them shriveled and withered. The question is, are we using our emotions to entangle ourselves or to liberate ourselves?

Turning our emotions into a creative and enriching force is the subject of this book, Sadhguru looks at the gamut of human emotions as he answers various questions posed to him. Despair, joy, bliss, greed, compassion, and love find their place here, as he explores the possibilities and pitfalls that each emotion represents. He explores how even grief or anger could be turned into a productive force, if only we make the choice to respond with compassion.

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