Failure: A Stepping Stone to the Ultimate

“You can use the various situations in your life to make yourself stronger and better, or you can sit and cry. This is the choice you have.”


“The current economic situation and the fear of failure have made me immobilized. How do I change this?”

For one who sees life as a stepping stone for a larger possibility, there is no failure. For one who looks at the simple events of life as the goal of life itself, there is failure and success. If you just see any situation as an opportunity for a larger possibility, then when you have a good deal, you use that for your well-being; and when you have a bad deal, you use that for your well-being.

When the economy was booming, every fool could be successful. It didn't take much, everyone got carried with it. But now that the economy is down and the taps are all closed up, it is time to meditate and walk in the mountains. There is plenty of time on your hands now, but when money was flowing, it took away your time and life. So it doesn't matter what happens in your life, if you see life only as a stepping stone for a larger possibility, then whatever the situation is, it is very, very useful.

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