Flowering of the Feminine

“The ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ are certain qualities. Only when these two qualities co-exist in balance can a human being live a life of fulfilment.”


Shakti means energy. The energy that makes the atom work is the same energy that makes the cosmos work. And it is identified as feminine. Indian culture has always represented the feminine as the most powerful dimension of life. You will see even calendar art where Goddess Kali is standing on Shiva’s chest. This is to show that the masculine is lifeless unless it is invigorated by the feminine.

Feminine worship is the most ancient form of worship on the planet. India, Europe, Saudi Arabia and large parts of Africa practised goddess worship. But today, because of too much emphasis on the masculine worldwide, the only culture that still has feminine worship is India.

At one time, India was a culture where men and women lived in total equality at all levels. A woman is as capable as a man when it comes to inner nature, and right from Vedic times, there have been many women who reached the very heights of their consciousness. Women also wore the sacred thread, and like a man, a woman could live within marriage for about 20 years, and when she had the urge to become spiritual, could reno­unce the family. However, women slowly lost their freedom when “barbarian hordes” invaded, because the feminine can flower only in a certain situation of relaxation.

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