Forget benefits, just be spiritual

“The greatest miracle in life is life itself. The very process of life that you are sitting and breathing is a miracle.” —Sadhguru

Questioner: When we are on a spiritual path, how do we know we are moving ahead?

Sadhguru: Initially, you should not worry about whether you are moving ahead or backwards as your logical judgments will mislead you. For example, in the morning when you will squat to do pranayam, your legs will tell you that you are going backwards. There is a possibility that your family will probably tell you to stop this nonsense.

So in the initial phase, do not judge anything. It is always best to start a spiritual process with an unconditional commitment for a certain period of time without thinking about its benefits. Nothing needs to happen. No benefit needs to happen for you. Just, simply do it. After a certain period of time, say six months, evaluate your life and see how peaceful, joyous and calm you have become.

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